I'm an experienced english speaking psychologist and have been giving (executive) coaching, psychotherapy sessions as well as relationship therapy to people from all different cultural backgrounds.

I am specialized in guiding high professionals, gifted people, and high sensitive people. 
Brightminded people with many talents and qualities. High performers in company’s and inspirators for community’s and society. 

Through the coaching, professionals expand their level of consciousness. With a holistic approach I help high professionals to work and live with their full potential. 

I integrate the latest psychological and behavioral science, ancient philosophy and wisdom and pragmatic business practices.

​My specialization is on burnout and bore-out, a different variety of work related problems , getting clarityr on your life direction and creating future perspective . 

The therapy or coaching program is custom made; I tailor my approach to your preferences, needs and goals so that you can get the most out of this process.

  • I give therapy if you are struggling with your mental health and if that blocks you from work- or social functioning. 
  • Coaching is more focused on a specific goal, whether in your personal or professional life.

In both therapy and coaching sessions, you will get insights to better understand your thoughts, emotions and (behavioural) patterns.

Please contact me for further questions, also regarding covering of the cost by your health insurance. 

All appointments for therapy and coaching sessions can take place in the office (face to face sessions).
If there is a preference for online sessions, video call sessions are also possible, also in the case of Covid-19 related symptoms. In general, the coaching takes place in a combination of face to face as well as online sessions.